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Anonymous asked:

Did you get jack rogers from that sale

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

no i’m still debating on it. yeah, it’s a great deal, but i don’t need any more navajo style jacks. i really want some black jelly georgicas, but they aren’t on the site. i like the cognac georgicas at last call but they don’t have my size

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xoxowisconsingirl asked:

Tag! You have been selected to answer questions I posted in my recent posts. I know everyone gets tired of these tagging games, but your blog is always so nice to me. Well you are the controller of your blog, so I should say you are always so nice to me. Hope to read your answers!

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

awww thanks girl! :)

Rule 1. Always post the rules.  Rule 2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write ten new ones. Rule 3. Tag 10 new and tell them to do the same. Rule 4. Tell them why you chose them. 

I was tagged by xoxowisconsingirl.tumblr.com

1. Achievement you’re most proud of?

probably getting into college! or losing 74 pounds and still going :)

2. Describe your favorite pair of shoes

i seriously love all my shoes haha. the ones i wear most often now that it’s warmer are my white jack rogers

3. If you could change one law, which law would it be?

 the law i would change is so controversial, i don’t want to start an argument ha

4. If you snapped your fingers and knew another language fluently, which would you choose?

i want to say french, but spanish would be so much more pratical

5. Favorite store?

lilly pulitzer!

6. Who do you text the most?

it’s a group message

7. Siblings names?

daizy and jonas

8. What do you want to name your future children?

i don’t really want kids. if i do end up with a child, it will be a little girl i adopted from china!

9. If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be?

wow there are so many i would want to meet, just because i think they’re such cool people. but at this moment i’d say lana del rey!

10. Best pick up line you’ve heard? 

i’ve never heard a good pickup line haha

(i’m supposed to make up 10 new questions but i’m not creative enough for that. sorry!)

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Anonymous asked:

OMG u had such a great body!!!!

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

aw thank you so much! i won’t stop until i look like that again. 74 pounds down, i can’t give up now!

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Anonymous asked:

pot a picture from when u were skinny

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

i’m in the pink. i was about 5’4 and 114 pounds when this picture was taken!

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Anonymous asked:

do you have any hobbies?

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

yes! i like to work out and shop. i also love running this blog! recently i started watching svu on netflix! 

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southernprepsterlife asked:

Hi! Love your blog! I just started mine and I was hoping you could check my blog out too!

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

thank you! i’ll take a look! :)

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