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having serious wardrobe issues today! i can’t find anything to wear!

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Anonymous asked:

What should I pack for a trip to Martha's Vineyard? What are main needs?!

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

jack rogers, a columbia pfg for a swimming suit coverup, cute swimming suits, and lilly! here’s another question i answered about what to bring on vacation :) have fun! i’m so jealous!

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xoxowisconsingirl asked:

Hello, beautiful human. Once you get this you must publicly say 5 things about yourself then send this to 10 of your favorite followers. But not back to me.

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

thanks girl! 

1. i love decorating rooms

2. i’m excited to go to college

3. i love running

4. i want to move to south carolina 

5. i love shopping for makeup

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! Okay so I have a deep concern so I thought I'd message you! My school is having an abroad trip and I got paired up with a girl who no one gets along with... She is incredibly rude and barely anyone gets along with her. I got paired up with her to go to be my roommate for a homestay with a new family. Our school told us multiple times to NOT dress promiscuous or anything while we're down there because it could be very unsafe. She has a large busy (totally fine), but she NEVER covers up. It's

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:
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Anonymous asked:

really worrying me because I have a history with sexual abuse and this family has 2 guys in the picture- a father and a son. Of course not ever male sexually abuses people, but it's genuinely a concern of mine. I'm so scared and now I REALLY don't want to go on this trip. I asked to be switched with my friend and they put us together and then put us with different people because they "wanted us to get to know different peers." I'm scared shitless. Please help me.

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

honestly i think the best thing to do would be to share your concern with a teacher you trust. in my opinion, another girl dressing promiscuously does not endanger you because, like you said, not every male is abusive, and you’re not the one who is dressing that way. however i can’t imagine what you’ve gone through and i don’t want you to be in a situation that would ruin your trip for you or make you feel unsafe. please tell an adult that you trust, whether it’s a parent, teacher, guidance councilor, your friends parents, anyone. i’m sure they can switch you discretely without causing a scene. please know my thoughts are with you and i’m always here if you need to talk.

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Anonymous asked:

can you list some new blogs you have followed?

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

sure! i recently followed loveandcarolina! her blog is great. i followed a bunch of fitness blogs too, like skinny-fitbabe, kaylabecominghealthy, fatgirlgetsfitatlast, and annes-fitblr. the most recent blog i followed was floatbacktotheparty! 

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Anonymous asked:

I have stolen from jcrew. And I feel so bad.

A PREPPY LIFE ☼ answered:

don’t do it again, and you should take it back in and offer to pay for it and accept responsibility for your actions! 

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